We provide range of equity and industry research services to both sell − side and
buy − side clients helping them to improve their investment results by delivering
high − end
investment solutions.

  • Identifying, analyzing and modeling key financial drivers for company valuation.
  • Building and updating financial models for analyzing financials i.e. quarterly and annual result updates.
  • Earning quality assessment and operating cash flow assessment for better understanding of overall company operations.
  • Performing macro and micro economic analysis for the better understanding of the economic environment in which company operates.
  • In − depth company and industry research by identifying key value drivers and leading indicators.
  • Company valuation using public comparable, transaction comparable, and income approach.
  • SWOT and Michael Porter five forces analysis for the overall assessment of the company and industry as a whole.
  • Detailed report initiating coverage on company and industry with qualitative and quantitative analysis.