Our Vision is to see farther, to seek out competitive advantages for our clients through the innovative use of technology; and to help them achieve long-term success and prosperity.

As a software service company, we see the maintenance and further broadening of our technological skills and expertise as one of the main provisions for achieving the maximum satisfaction of our clients. Our advanced technical abilities help our clients worldwide to expand their businesses and overcome competition through innovative solutions and prompt introduction of IT Saving development costs and facilitating clients' concentration on their core business activities

Our Core Values

  • Collaboration

    We have partners, not customers, not employees. We have members, not users, not audience.

    The Golden Rule (treat others how you wish to be treated)

    In the fast paced and ever-changing business of Internet development, it is easy to compromise on ethics to make that one sale or buck. We abide by the 'Golden Rule', when we make decisions. When in doubt, this helps us in being honest.

  • Responsibility with Authority

    We only hire the best people. And after hiring them, we get out of their way.

  • Out of the Box Thinking

    In most organizations this is a punch line used for marketing services. At Veristrat, it's on the daily breakfast menu.

  • Best Use of Resources

    Just because budget is available not necessarily we have to use it. Appropriating and utilizing resources most efficiently is unique balancing act. We work hard to master this skill.